Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss is commonly known as a process of female balding. In medical terms, it is known as Androgenetic alopecia. The most alarming thing is that, around 40% of women are affected by it from the age of 50.In this type of hair loss, you will experience diffuse thinning of hairs because of hair volume reduction or increased hair shedding.

Telogen effluvium is another chronic condition in which you will experience severe hair shedding. This kind of hair loss is often related with female pattern hair loss; hence, there is a need to differentiate between both the conditions.


The main cause of this hair loss is hereditary. There are several genes which are responsible for this condition, and you may inherit these genes from your parents. It is not cleared that whether or not the androgens are responsible for this type of hair loss, but androgens are still suspected as the culprits.

Oestrogen may also be the reason of androgenetic alopecia. You may experience this kind of hair loss after the menopause, as the oestrogens may simulate the hair growth. Also, some laboratory experiments also discovered that oestrogens may hinder hair growth.


There are various treatments to cure female pattern hair loss.  Although, cure is not possible, but still there is a hope to slow down the hair loss. Sometimes women also experience hair regrowth, but it’s a quite rare condition.

One of the best treatments is to use Minoxidil. It is a topical drug which is used to treat your scalp. You can also use oral medications to treat your hormonal imbalance. These medicines help block the harmful effects of androgens. A certain period of six months is required for desirable results. The only thing is to consult your doctor before going for a treatment.

Other treatments are cosmetic camouflages including colored hair sprays. They will cover your affected scalp areas, providing you a better look than before. Hair transplant is also becoming popular these days to treat female pattern hair loss, but it depends on the suitability. Hair wings and hair bulking fiber powder are some other treatments which will surely help you to obtain a better image.

You can easily treat your baldness with great ease by using the above remedies. Try them and get rid of your hair loss.

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