What Finola Hughes Did To Repair Her Hair Loss?

Hair loss is certainly not a common issue for only people like us, but also it is a nightmare for top celebrities. A number of American women are affected by hair thinning problems nowadays. Even top celebrities have to combat against it like Finola Hughes. This English born, “General Hospital star” started losing her hair after the birth of her child.

Hair loss occurs when your body stops providing certain essential nutrients to the scalp. In result, your hair growth becomes slow and eventually, it stops growing completely. In the case of Finola’s hair fall, the reason may be hormonal fluctuations or stress. She reported that her hair started to fall in clumps and she has lost the front volume of it.

Finola was baffled at that moment and want to know the solution of her baneful hair loss. Although, there were lots of products in the market, but she refused to use unnatural products that may damage her existing condition. She suggested a temporary solution to combat hair thinning i.e using band, but unable to find a product that can fix her hair thinning on a permanent basis.

One of the great things about this lady is that, she didn’t lose hope and tried new hairstyles. Also, she consulted to various doctors and finally came across a great product “Viviscal”. This hair product line worked like a magic and she regained her complete hair. Finola took Viviscal’s shampoo, conditioner and natural dietary supplements, and now she is enjoying beautiful hair.

Finola praised Viviscal hair care products and said that it is a natural marine based protein, featuring the shampoos and conditioners. Hair transplant surgeon from California, Dr. Ken Williams approved Viviscal. He supported this product that is specially made to decrease hair thinning. Dr. Ken and ISHRS Physicians recommend it for both the men and women, as it is safe from any side effects.

Finola has become the pitchwoman for Viviscal that offers aid to the 40 million women in America who are going through hair fall problems. Finola wants to remind her story to every woman who thinks that hair loss is irreversible. She also became a perfect example of patience and courage for other celebrities. She set an example that losing your hair doesn’t mean losing your self-worth.

Finola Hughes hair loss story is an inspiration for all those people who want to retain their hair growth. If you are suffering from hair thinning too, then search various hair loss treatments including Viviscal to choose the most suitable one for your hair.

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