Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Loss – Why It Is Best?

What can be the most painful thing other than your hair loss? Have you tried any remedial solution yet or still searching for the best hair loss treatment?  If you ask me, Apple Cider Vinegar hair loss treatment is the best option to treat your hair loss. Let’s explore about its effectiveness for a clear understanding.

It has been proved that if you drink it on a regular basis, you can derive out lots of benefits including heart burn, skin disorders and aging. Most significantly, it helps reverse your alopecia in an efficient manner.

Scientists revealed that the excessive amount of DHT around your hair follicles is dangerous. DHT weakens your hair follicles, making them incapable to produce new hair. It surrounds your hair follicles like wax and chokes your blood supply. This makes your hair follicles shrink and at last they die off.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar helps absorb the excess DHT build up around your hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth. The enzymes and acids that are involved in it kill specific pathogens that cause alopecia.

Well, this is not all! Besides preventing hair loss, it also balances the pH of your scalp and hair. Balanced pH levels means no dandruff and healthy looking hair. You will be pleased to know that it kills a number of fungal problems too that hinder effective hair growth.

You can search for various rinse products and natural shampoos that are infused with the properties of Apple Cider Vinegar. Let me share a quick Apple Cider Vinegar hair loss treatment:

•    Take a clean bottle to pour 1 part of Apple Cider Vinegar and 3 parts of water.

•    Add around 30 drops of your favorite essential oils. Palmarosa, Lavender and Sweet orange are good choices. This great mixture will make your hair softer like never before.

•    Massage this mixture gently on your scalp and leave it for a minute.

•    Rinse it out with lot of care and close the bottle tightly.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural way to treat your hair loss. Also, it is free from adverse side effects; hence, there is no need to worry about destructive consequences.

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  1. Great post, I also wanted to add on that, ACV closes your hair cuticles, allowing moisture to lock in. It’s great for a final rinse.

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