Get Some Stunning Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair


Coloring your hair is a great option when you are thinking to have a makeover. Your short hair can be dyed in a number of ways. You can have some cool trendy colors that will surely give you a classic look and feel. As huge options are available in the market, it is not difficult to have a dazzling makeover. Just keep in mind that choosing a right hair color is the only thing that makes you stand out among others.

While selecting a hair color, you should consider your skin tone and color. Skin tones are divided into two categories i.e. warm and cool skin tones. If you have a fair skin, then you have a cool skin tone whereas, if your skin is dark, then you have a warm skin tone. As hair coloring is not that easy task to get done, here are some suggestions to color your short hair with various fantastic shades:

Short hair with dark skin tone


If you belong to the African – American or Caribbean community, copper color is the best shade to obtain a natural look. Color all of your hair in copper color or just have some subtle highlights to complement your dark skin tone. Bold shades of wine, burgundy or even gold color look best on your short hair. Another great option is to dye your hair in mocha brown color. It looks great on darker skin tones, making them more attractive and prominent. You can even have some daring colors like dark violet or red to gain a bold and stunning appearance.

Short hair with fair skin tone


People with fair skin tones are really lucky. They can experiment nearly all the colors that look good on their fair complexion. If you have blonde hair color and want to look casual, then black, brown and copper tones are best to choose from. When it comes to having some daring colors, you can go for pink, violet and red. These bold hues are the most fashionable hair color ideas for curly hair as well. Some other options for fair skinned people are copper blonde, honey blonde and blonde with brown streaks.

Short hair with olive skin tone


If your skin tone is olive, then colors like Bordeaux, burgundy and brown will accentuate your facial features. Some other shades like ash brown, blue-black and coffee brown are also best for this lovely skin tone. Just keep in mind that bright red and gold shades are not made for you, so don’t even try to have them at all.

So, these are some hair color ideas for short hair. Don’t think with short hair you have limited options of styling. The only thing which you should do is consult your hairstylist before choosing any hair color. If it is not possible then just read this post and decide which shade you will opt for this season.

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