Kim Kardashian Wore New Hair Colors In 2013


Celebrities are closely followed by the common people in every discipline. Because they are known for setting different trends for the society, people are more concerned about their lifestyle.

Have you seen Kim Kardashian this year? Well, it’s hard to follow her cutting-edge fashion, fantastic makeup and advanced hairstyling and there is no doubt left that she has contributed a lot in introducing celebrity hair color trends for 2013. If you still didn’t see her, then you should have a look at her. Her new hair color amazed a number of people because nobody was expecting a lighter hair color from her side.

Celebuzz revealed that, Kim has been having perfect tresses cut for years by famous celebrity hairstylist, men’s clothing designer and international artistic educator, Philip Wolff. For obtaining a new starlet hair color, she went to Rebecca Friedman, a famous hair colorist in Los Angeles. This new shade made her more attractive and Kim raved that “I am really loving my new color,”


Kim looked stunning in the siren costume which is stretched narrowly to make her look more impressive, but the best part was her new hair color that attracted a lot of people. Her long starlet strands worked best with her beautiful skin tone and gave her a totally different look from before. As she got huge admiration after wearing this new shade, this is Kim’s best hair color for this year. If you want to know more about her new hair color, then check out this another amazing shade:

Kim left her dark brunette locks and introduced a new chocolate brown color with beautiful sun-kissed streaks. This fantabulous shade brilliantly complements with her golden complexion. Her deep brown eyes sparkle with the luscious locks, making her a true fashion diva.  You can even have a look at her photos to see how she carried this new look with lot of grace.


This stunning reality star is known for her dark hair colors but this sudden change has really made her a real head turner. Although her new hair color is not as drastic as Katy Perry’s blue shade, but still it’s quite worth mentioning. Kim recently posed into her new do and looked amazing with this new change. On February 4, she said via Twitter, “”I love how when I dye my hair lighter, my eyes look lighter, too.”


The best thing about her lighter shades is that, they are loved by her fans as well by the media persons. Everyone praised Kim on looking perfect in these cool shades. Cherry on the top is her advanced makeup that really enhanced her overall appearance.

So, this is all about Kim Kardashian’s hair colors for 2013. See how she carried up her charming personality with a new and refreshing look. You have seen Kim in different styles; but this time she is truly fantastic.

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