3 Flattering Styles To Tie Your Head Scarf


Head scarf is a real fashion accessory which is popular among ladies from the past centuries. The beauty of scarf is hidden in a number of simple things such as, tying and carrying. With the new fashion trends, scarves have gained a number of variations. You can go for different colors, shapes and sizes as per your need for making yourself more glamorize and sensational.

In today’s fashion world, scarf is the symbol of ultimate fashion, so if you want to wear it gracefully then you should learn several ways to tie it in a proper manner. One of the easiest head scarf styles is to use a head band. You can even use the fabric as a bandana or you can just simply tie your head with a sophisticated clothing piece. All depends on your liking! Here we mentioned following ways that tell you how to tie a head scarf in different ways so that it looks pretty on your face:

Headband Scarf


Headband scarf looks cute on wearing. If you want to gain a chic look, then it is the best option to along with. First of all, let’s check out how to tie a headband scarf. You need a scarf that must be soft and silky. Make sure it is long enough to give you a stylish feel. Now, fold the scarf in a tube form so that it comes in a proper shape. Place the scarf bit away from your hairline and tie it at your nape. So, here you go, ready to go out!

Bandana Head Scarf


Bandana is a stylish way to flaunt your personality. It gives you a glamorized look and makes you prominent among others. To tie Bandana head scarf, take a square shaped scarf and fold it into a half diagonal shape. Of the triangle which has been made, place the longer edge at your hairline whereas the narrower edge on the rest of your hair. Now tie all the ends of the scarf just under the hair to make a knot or a bow. You can even push the scarf back to create a refreshing, feminine look with some elegant hair accessories.

Head Cover


If you want to cover your head, then take a square scarf and fold it into a half diagonal. The size of scarf in this style is bigger than the bandanna style as you have to cover your head completely. Now, cover your head with a head cover and turn its edges under your neck. Don’t forget to cross the ends and tie them into a knot at your back.

Scarves are accessories that help you either play up or down your image depending on their usage. Before 1900, scarves were not a fashion and used to cover heads only. Today they are more popular from the fashion perspective and women want to wear them for obtaining a unique and stylish mystique.  One of the greatest things is that there are no limitations on tying and you can easily experiment a number of styles as per your liking. So go ahead, make you shine with a pretty wrap!

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